Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:

It is summer time. High school soccer players are doing optional conditioning sessions to prepare for the compressed and condensed fall season in Pennsylvania that runs from mid August to Halloween. One key part to conditioning is making the running/training game like to prepare for the challenges on the rubberized pitches. Our friends at FIFAContinue reading “Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:”

Make it Local, Make it fun.

Apologies for so few posts lately. My referee role has been switching from indoor (futsal and dasherboard) to outdoor mode. I’m also in my second week of coaching school and have been busy re-learning development goals based on age and cognitive ability. My local to East Brady project will be wrapping up for the springContinue reading “Make it Local, Make it fun.”

RxFit: Ford City past life?

Somebody who lived in Ford City a long time ago couldn’t remember what used to happen in the building? Here are a few hints. Instead of practicing firearms indoors there Ian is a focus on building fitness one human at a time, one box hop, burpee, goblet squat, kettlebell swing at a time. Ford CityContinue reading “RxFit: Ford City past life?”

RxFit Ford City 28July2021

Soccer players are just the best for those running intervals. Let’s just say there are no reason to bust out the ring pulls and rows when you can do a 200m run with box jumps. The attendees made a pact to take Thursdays training session off since the coaches cancelled it on team snap. WeContinue reading “RxFit Ford City 28July2021”

July 27 Training on Buffington

Hello All (Sr. High and Jr. High)– Just a reminder that training will only be tonight this week, RxFit is scheduled tomorrow from 8-9am in Ford City. Coach Dave has to head to Rochester for a few days starting Thursday through Saturday. Jr.High players– If you are free did you sign up for camp? IfContinue reading “July 27 Training on Buffington”

abeR Fit – Highland Park 26July2021

Good morning- today’s workout was not in Ford City for coach Dave, instead Crosby and Phoebe were in charge of the morning sweat session. Today’s high temps and humidity meant the ladies needed the early morning workout. Phoebe and Crosby wanted to have a catchy name for their human training center so they came upContinue reading “abeR Fit – Highland Park 26July2021”

RxFit Ford City 21July2021

Air action day and training, oh my. Speaking of the fires out west impacting our air quality, did you ever ponder the area in the center of the trail? Did you take some time to think of your goals for the season!?!? I’ve heard everything from let’s put the fun back into the sport toContinue reading “RxFit Ford City 21July2021”