Putting the fun in fundamentals.

Meet the first group of little futsal players in East Brady. Thanks to support from the East Brady Borough Council and the Karns City Athletic Department we were able to bring soccer back to the Beabout Community Center in the old East Brady High School Gym. Subscribe to get updates when the next round ofContinue reading “Putting the fun in fundamentals.”

Make it Local, Make it fun.

Apologies for so few posts lately. My referee role has been switching from indoor (futsal and dasherboard) to outdoor mode. I’m also in my second week of coaching school and have been busy re-learning development goals based on age and cognitive ability. My local to East Brady project will be wrapping up for the springContinue reading “Make it Local, Make it fun.”


Hello American Soccer Players, Parents, want-to-be players: Do all the letters in today’s title–MWL, GLA, USClub, ECNL, PaWest, USSF, USFF, USYS, USYF–sound like gibberish? Does is seem all too confusing? Do you just want to play soccer, learn soccer and grow up playing the game with your friends? Do you like taking seven hour carContinue reading “MWL, GLA, USClub, ECNL, PaWest, USSF, USFF, DA, ODP, USYS, USYF?”

EB Futsal: Vol. 1, Ch.1 Controlling the Ball

Just a quick recap of week one in the Beabout Community Center. We had six participants attend the first week. Our focus was on learning what our athletes already knew about soccer and making sure everybody had fun. Topic of the week, controlling the ball, focus on dribbling with control, dribbling to targets, dribbling aroundContinue reading “EB Futsal: Vol. 1, Ch.1 Controlling the Ball”


futsal in east brady RELEASE OF LIABILITY — READ BEFORE SIGNING In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the  EAST BRADY FUTSAL FUNDAMENTALS   program, its related events and activities, I, ___________________________    , the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that: The risk of injury from the activities involved in thisContinue reading “Release”

JR.HIGH: Futsal Winter Session 2022

Hello Jr. High Girls: After some much needed rest and recovery time, I wanted to check to see who is interested in playing a season of futsal at PISA? Or would you prefer just doing a pick up session each week at a local gym? If you know of any 6th graders who would likeContinue reading “JR.HIGH: Futsal Winter Session 2022”