Jr. High: vs Connellsville 22Sept22

What you need to know about our formation as explained in detail with each role!!!!! https://www.soccercoachingpro.com/4-3-3-formation/ In this formation, attack is the best form of defence and you need high energy players to make the best of it. About our 9 – the target lady should be a big, physically imposing striker capable of holdingContinue reading “Jr. High: vs Connellsville 22Sept22”

Ref Life:Another year of Football signals for Football in the PA High Schools.

Breaking news, referees don’t have to be zebras anymore according to the governing body of Pennsylvania High School Sports. A much bigger story would be getting the existing soccer chapters to agree to ditch the stripes of every other American sports for the contemporary look used by referees globally. The push to improve sportsmanship isContinue reading “Ref Life:Another year of Football signals for Football in the PA High Schools.”

Jr. High: Experimenting and learning.

Everyday on the pitch is a learning day! How many of you knew we are scheduled to play Latrobe at home the last week of the season? I was so happy to see the participation in putting together our game plan for our last scrimmage. There were so many areas of learning in that oneContinue reading “Jr. High: Experimenting and learning.”

Referee Recruitment for real…

The year is 2022. We are in year three of Covid-19 soccer here in the United States. We had the entire spring season of 2020 wiped out as the world learned how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and began to study how to treat people who tested positive of Covid-19. Our fall season ofContinue reading “Referee Recruitment for real…”

Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:

It is summer time. High school soccer players are doing optional conditioning sessions to prepare for the compressed and condensed fall season in Pennsylvania that runs from mid August to Halloween. One key part to conditioning is making the running/training game like to prepare for the challenges on the rubberized pitches. Our friends at FIFAContinue reading “Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:”