Plum U8: Grass Roots Football night with Crew 02Jun2022

Thursday Night Football presented by the Plum Youth Soccer Club,. This is Grass Roots Football in Plum Boro, PA. Normally the lights are saved for the big kids but with all the 😜 crazy rain this spring season we were able to reschedule one of our make up games to a Thursday Night. Nature treatedContinue reading “Plum U8: Grass Roots Football night with Crew 02Jun2022”

2022- Happy Easter and all faith celebrations.

In the Western Pennsylvania Youth Soccer world there are no Travel games this weekend and all the regional leagues appear to have taken the weekend off to celebrate the Christian holiday. Since football is a global game we also need to recognize the other faiths of our one world community. Our Jewish, Muslim and EasternContinue reading “2022- Happy Easter and all faith celebrations.”

Burnout is real and it’s still April.

Some days the topic is coaching, some days playing, some days storytelling. Today’s story is a little bit of venting and a little bit of sharing. Over the past few weekends the cycle keeps repeating. The only way to change the culture is to tell the story, get it into the light so more eyesContinue reading “Burnout is real and it’s still April.”

Putting the fun in fundamentals.

Meet the first group of little futsal players in East Brady. Thanks to support from the East Brady Borough Council and the Karns City Athletic Department we were able to bring soccer back to the Beabout Community Center in the old East Brady High School Gym. Subscribe to get updates when the next round ofContinue reading “Putting the fun in fundamentals.”


Hello American Soccer Players, Parents, want-to-be players: Do all the letters in today’s title–MWL, GLA, USClub, ECNL, PaWest, USSF, USFF, USYS, USYF–sound like gibberish? Does is seem all too confusing? Do you just want to play soccer, learn soccer and grow up playing the game with your friends? Do you like taking seven hour carContinue reading “MWL, GLA, USClub, ECNL, PaWest, USSF, USFF, DA, ODP, USYS, USYF?”