Jr. High: Next level thinking

I found this article to be very simple and concise in explaining what was once called total football. There are a few clubs that have the skilled players to pull this off this form of soccer. This is truly the coaches dream scenario. While this may not apply to the game we play, it isContinue reading “Jr. High: Next level thinking”

JR High: Defending 1v1 don’t dive in.

This one is a simple review of the one v one defending piece from today. I’ve had years of shuffling feet, squaring up shoulders and forcing forwards away from their dominant foot. I don’t expect you all to master your footwork overnight, but I hope you’ll take the challenge to make some time each practiceContinue reading “JR High: Defending 1v1 don’t dive in.”

JR.High: 18 August- Fred Training

Hello Ladies and Parents: Due to Fred- Official Training has been moved to the stadium turf from 6-7 thanks to the high school girls for sharing their field. I will provide an optional hour from 7-8 off-field on the lower field working on set pieces. The optional hour is completely up to you and yourContinue reading “JR.High: 18 August- Fred Training”

JR. High: 17 Aug overview.

Just so you know we are not doing drills and not running the trails. Steal Pressure cover Balance Outnumber Steal I do need help getting the balls from the shed to the lower field. I also need help getting the socks from Matt’s truck so you have them for picture day. Pilot Freight messed upContinue reading “JR. High: 17 Aug overview.”

JR.High: Pre-season Camp Day 1 Attacking Play Practice Play

Greetings and Thank You for getting your paperwork to Mr. Harvey our AD. The Uniforms from Coach Mike. Understanding my deconstructed coaching approach. This is your game, I am here to help you learn how to enjoy it now and hopefully for life. To take charge of the game, build confidence in your abilities andContinue reading “JR.High: Pre-season Camp Day 1 Attacking Play Practice Play”

Confidence: Shielding

One theme of the BG Camp groups teaching building our attacking confidence focused on what we individually could do with the ball. The games played to simulate 1v1, 2v1, 3v2, etc. focused on individual moves to hold on to the ball in order to maintain possession, as well as find way to use our entireContinue reading “Confidence: Shielding”

Las porteras: Notes for the team overview.

As Field Players what do you think your goalkeepers should be doing? Stop shots and crosses Support the defense Provide an overall tactical understanding of the game to guide the team Have a psychological makeup that leads the team. . .even when other players make mistakes. Provide the concentration level to ensure that the restContinue reading “Las porteras: Notes for the team overview.”

15July2021 las porteras

Building upon the footwork needed to: stop shots 3-5 yards off the line take the angle away from the shooter step up to clear through balls with our feet instead of making our defenders backtrack get back for a chip after taking the angle away 3-5 years off the line. Making our hands work withoutContinue reading “15July2021 las porteras”

Coach Dave’s Saturday Sessions:

I’m not obsessed with futsal, I just think it is a very good version of the game to teach to first time players. If you have a smooth surface, 2m x 3m goals and the low bounce balls it really takes some of the unpredictable parts of the game out of the learning process. InContinue reading “Coach Dave’s Saturday Sessions:”