Plum U8 30April2022 Picture Day

Key words of this week (focus on defense)Get CompactStay compactProtect the Goal At this age I feel and US Soccer’s Player Development road map feel that being the goalie can be a little overwhelming, scary or just not fun for most kids. If you want to play goalie, great, I will play you there, butContinue reading “Plum U8 30April2022 Picture Day”


futsal in east brady RELEASE OF LIABILITY — READ BEFORE SIGNING In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the  EAST BRADY FUTSAL FUNDAMENTALS   program, its related events and activities, I, ___________________________    , the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that: The risk of injury from the activities involved in thisContinue reading “Release”

Creating a football culture?!?!

Where do we start? Do we all wear Gazelles with our Prom Dresses? Or do we have a standing date to play pick up futsal at the old tennis court in Kittanning with the boys after Sunday dinner? Is it possible we take turns playing pick up at either West Shamokin or Armstrong High SchoolContinue reading “Creating a football culture?!?!”

JR.High:24Sept21 @ Yough

Today we learned to come from behind for the W. We also modified our 4-4-2 formation into a 5-2-3. Why? Let’s just say a 53×100 is less than ideal for playing a wide game and building the attack for the wing. Instead we asked for combination play, high pressure, big punts and lots of secondContinue reading “JR.High:24Sept21 @ Yough”

Jr.High: 15Sept Where? Pt. 2

It was nice to see the updates to the board tonight at practice. I’m hoping by now you have figured out my second goal for all of you by now! You may want to share this topic with your adult figures so they get a feel for this development path. For the record I’m motContinue reading “Jr.High: 15Sept Where? Pt. 2”

JR.High: 10Sep2021 LH in Uniontown

Showing up is the start, discovery is the process, play is essential to life long learning. Problem Statement: Can we play with only 10 players? Armstrong Jr. High Girls Team 10-9-21 before boarding the bus to Uniontown. According to the laws of the game we are fine playing with only 10 players, so yes weContinue reading “JR.High: 10Sep2021 LH in Uniontown”

JR.High: 19Aug2021 rest day

Hello ladies, Thanks to all of you for being flexible last night with our practice moving around due to all of the rain that Fred dropped on our region. Hopefully the segment on set pieces made you think about ways to create opportunities from inside 35 yards for both DFK and IFK situations offensively.

JR.High: 18 August- Fred Training

Hello Ladies and Parents: Due to Fred- Official Training has been moved to the stadium turf from 6-7 thanks to the high school girls for sharing their field. I will provide an optional hour from 7-8 off-field on the lower field working on set pieces. The optional hour is completely up to you and yourContinue reading “JR.High: 18 August- Fred Training”