Las Porteras: Notes for the team CONCENTRATION

Here’s a little matching game for the entire team, select High, Medium or Low Concentration for the following moments of the game from the perspective of your goalkeepers:


Penalty Kick

Own goal kick

Ball in shooting zone

First 10 minutes of each half

Ball in possession of opponent in attacking half

Free Kicks witching 35 yds

Corner Kicks

Free Kicks where passes can enter the penalty area

Opponents offensive half throw ins

Last 5 minutes to each half

After injury to teammate

After substitution in the HIGH SCHOOL GAME. Be aware of the substitute.

Players running off the ball, (unmarked)

High, Medium or Low Concentration: Notes from camp Lecture at Joe Machnik #1 GK Camp 1992, Slippery Rock with Modifications from Coach Dave’s Playing, coaching and officiating experience.
Photo by Omar Ramadan on

Did you try the quiz? Did you figure out it was a trick question? Of course all of the moments listed are high concentration. If you are looking for some ideas on how you can help your goalkeepers, I’ve curated a simple corner kick defending plan. It’s the one I’ve been using since high school. I’m a shorter goalkeeper, so having a line of 3 defenders on my 6 have been my personal preference. I’d rather stop the shot than try to catch a corner cross on the 6 or further.

This was likely the team that lost to BG back in 1992 at Hampton on two penalties.

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