Plum U8: Grass Roots Football night with Crew 02Jun2022

Thursday Night Football presented by the Plum Youth Soccer Club,. This is Grass Roots Football in Plum Boro, PA. Normally the lights are saved for the big kids but with all the 😜 crazy rain this spring season we were able to reschedule one of our make up games to a Thursday Night. Nature treatedContinue reading “Plum U8: Grass Roots Football night with Crew 02Jun2022”

Plum U8 30April2022 Picture Day

Key words of this week (focus on defense)Get CompactStay compactProtect the Goal At this age I feel and US Soccer’s Player Development road map feel that being the goalie can be a little overwhelming, scary or just not fun for most kids. If you want to play goalie, great, I will play you there, butContinue reading “Plum U8 30April2022 Picture Day”

Jr.High: game day 17Sept21 Mt Pleasant.

Greetings ladies and parental units, Just making sure you’re staying hydrated as today will be another hot one! Just a note— on my notebooks I usually carry around—one tracks my workouts and nutrition. This is some thing I have been doing since college and was really key when I followed weight watchers to drop fromContinue reading “Jr.High: game day 17Sept21 Mt Pleasant.”

Jr.High: 15Sept Where? Pt. 2

It was nice to see the updates to the board tonight at practice. I’m hoping by now you have figured out my second goal for all of you by now! You may want to share this topic with your adult figures so they get a feel for this development path. For the record I’m motContinue reading “Jr.High: 15Sept Where? Pt. 2”

JR.High: 10Sep2021 LH in Uniontown

Showing up is the start, discovery is the process, play is essential to life long learning. Problem Statement: Can we play with only 10 players? Armstrong Jr. High Girls Team 10-9-21 before boarding the bus to Uniontown. According to the laws of the game we are fine playing with only 10 players, so yes weContinue reading “JR.High: 10Sep2021 LH in Uniontown”

JR.High: 19Aug2021 rest day

Hello ladies, Thanks to all of you for being flexible last night with our practice moving around due to all of the rain that Fred dropped on our region. Hopefully the segment on set pieces made you think about ways to create opportunities from inside 35 yards for both DFK and IFK situations offensively.

JR High: Some simple COVID-19 protocols for camp week.

You will be assigned two practice pinnies for the week. Please bring both the blue and black one each night. Some of you already have a light blue one from the BG training week at the stadium. Please bring H2O for yourself each night. Many hydration breaks will be provided. Please set up your ownContinue reading “JR High: Some simple COVID-19 protocols for camp week.”

Las Porteras: Notes for the team CONCENTRATION

Here’s a little matching game for the entire team, select High, Medium or Low Concentration for the following moments of the game from the perspective of your goalkeepers: | Penalty Kick Own goal kick Ball in shooting zone First 10 minutes of each half Ball in possession of opponent in attacking half Free Kicks witchingContinue reading “Las Porteras: Notes for the team CONCENTRATION”