Jr. High: last game day 29Sept2022 vs Latrobe.

Do you remember when we went to Latrobe? Remember how we talked through our strength as a team and I gave you the chance to put together our lineup? This time we know they have one player who plays the 9 and will try shooting whenever she has time and space from inside 30! SheContinue reading “Jr. High: last game day 29Sept2022 vs Latrobe.”

Jr. High: BG Camp support and drop with transitions.

Dear Diary: Tonight we did a whole lot of thinking games. We had to count. We had to switch partners frequently as we played a 2v2 to 2 goal game. We started by learning how to work little combinations with one touch passes and drop balls to our partners. We then tried to incorporate itContinue reading “Jr. High: BG Camp support and drop with transitions.”

Jr. High: BG Camp shooting stars

Dear Diary: Tonight we learned about shooting. We learned that the boys tend to finish with their hips going one way! While some girls tend to twist their hips like Shakira before they strike the ball. The main part of the night was reviewing our approach, our plant foot positioning, our striking surface of theContinue reading “Jr. High: BG Camp shooting stars”

Creating a football culture?!?!

Where do we start? Do we all wear Gazelles with our Prom Dresses? Or do we have a standing date to play pick up futsal at the old tennis court in Kittanning with the boys after Sunday dinner? Is it possible we take turns playing pick up at either West Shamokin or Armstrong High SchoolContinue reading “Creating a football culture?!?!”

Juggle, finishing corners.

What can you do if you only have 3-5 teammates present to train? Juggle try to start with just five minutes every other day. Then ten minutes. Then with a teammate or four. Finish crosses/corners with one time volleys, headers, running on to the ball or whatever other means possible. Sometimes any deflection to justContinue reading “Juggle, finishing corners.”