About Coach Dave

Hello Armstrong Jr. High, I’m coach Dave– I met coach Matt on the field one day in Karns City. On Jan. 1, 2021, I made a personal goal to unite communities through soccer and that brought me to Armstrong Jr. High. During 2022, I completed the requirements for US Soccer’s National D License, went back to coaching U8’s in Plum and refereeing games.

David is a lifelong soccer player who now referees to provide interval cardio. He currently lifts 5 days a week at the YMCA, BodyTech, Dining Room Gym, Golds Gym, or Planet Fitness. Due to Covid-19 the lifting and cardio were moved to the Dining Room Gym, Peloton app, outdoor swimming, SUP workouts, and running. In order to improve balance and flexibility he attempts to fit a weekly Hot yoga class into the scheduled workouts and daily walks with (love you forever Reba & Crosby), Phoebe and Mr. Crawford. Recently he has taken to the pool for cardio as he embraces getting older. He somehow chose to get back into coaching after Covid-19 instead of doing hot yoga again with other humans, breathing and sweating in the same studio.

A perfect day starts at the gym, followed by a mile in either Highland, O’Hara, or Aspinwall Park with Phoebe and Croby so they sleep next to his office desk. It will alway includes at least one good meal, including real food that does not follow the Standard American Diet. Side note it will be served on real plates (not out of his Isolator fitness cooler bag).



David played this game from age 8-43. As a goalkeeper first, defender second, forward third and midfielder never, playing the game is a little more demanding than being a referee or assistant referee.


David is in the Pittsburgh area. Life has happened. He now knows Tobii and how to speak with only eyes after working on providing support to a person with ALS. He now understands more about managing properties, probate in Pennsylvania, accounts receivable, elder care, patient advocacy, and teaching with/without technology. . . The last few years of saying “YES” have been an adventure in continuing education.


This is not David’s first coaching gig. He started back in college training the goalkeepers on the St. Vincent Women’s Team. After 8 seasons, being bullpen assistant, outfield, first base guide in the Fayette County Baseball League David found soccer again in 2008 helping out U12-14 boys at Plum Area Soccer

Why coach again?

He is currently expanding his skills and applying his customer focus toward a new experience in the area of logistics, trade and government regulations. During this relocation he even detoured back into coaching the sport he loves.

He has also transferred his USSF WisREF affiliation to PA West Officials. In continuing his passion for soccer David has left WIAA and joined the Northern Chapter (Pittsburgh) of PIAA soccer officials. He still misses the diversity of doing games SE Wisconsin.

One Nation. One Team