Help Wanted: Players Needed June 11 @ Larry Mills Park, Plum Boro PA.

PA West Coaching Development is conducting their on field training sessions June 11 at Larry Mills Park in Plum Boro on the Upper Fields from 10am – 2pm. If you are a PA West Grass Roots U14-U19 player looking for one more day on the field and a chance to experience unique training sessions thisContinue reading “Help Wanted: Players Needed June 11 @ Larry Mills Park, Plum Boro PA.”

Jr. High: Next level thinking

I found this article to be very simple and concise in explaining what was once called total football. There are a few clubs that have the skilled players to pull this off this form of soccer. This is truly the coaches dream scenario. While this may not apply to the game we play, it isContinue reading “Jr. High: Next level thinking”

Putting the fun in fundamentals.

Meet the first group of little futsal players in East Brady. Thanks to support from the East Brady Borough Council and the Karns City Athletic Department we were able to bring soccer back to the Beabout Community Center in the old East Brady High School Gym. Subscribe to get updates when the next round ofContinue reading “Putting the fun in fundamentals.”

Make it Local, Make it fun.

Apologies for so few posts lately. My referee role has been switching from indoor (futsal and dasherboard) to outdoor mode. I’m also in my second week of coaching school and have been busy re-learning development goals based on age and cognitive ability. My local to East Brady project will be wrapping up for the springContinue reading “Make it Local, Make it fun.”

Men’s National Team Qualifiers

Hey Team Jr. High: You may recall the line on your practice jerseys–One Nation, One Team–this is what our National Team is using for both the men and women. If you are new to world football- American Soccer- this is a World Cup year for the men. In order to play in the World Cup-Continue reading “Men’s National Team Qualifiers”

Creating a football culture?!?!

Where do we start? Do we all wear Gazelles with our Prom Dresses? Or do we have a standing date to play pick up futsal at the old tennis court in Kittanning with the boys after Sunday dinner? Is it possible we take turns playing pick up at either West Shamokin or Armstrong High SchoolContinue reading “Creating a football culture?!?!”

Dreaming, just dreaming of a football culture…

I grew up on the Monongahela River, in a little town of Charleroi, next to the town of Dunlevy, home of the Dunlevy Redbirds. The Dunlevy Redbirds used to compete for the US Amatuer Cup with teams from Heidelberg and Harmarville. Dunlevy was a soccer community thanks to immigrants that came to the Monongahela ValleyContinue reading “Dreaming, just dreaming of a football culture…”