Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:

It is summer time. High school soccer players are doing optional conditioning sessions to prepare for the compressed and condensed fall season in Pennsylvania that runs from mid August to Halloween. One key part to conditioning is making the running/training game like to prepare for the challenges on the rubberized pitches. Our friends at FIFAContinue reading “Jr. High: FIFA warm up’s:”

Burnout is real and it’s still April.

Some days the topic is coaching, some days playing, some days storytelling. Today’s story is a little bit of venting and a little bit of sharing. Over the past few weekends the cycle keeps repeating. The only way to change the culture is to tell the story, get it into the light so more eyesContinue reading “Burnout is real and it’s still April.”

Jr.High: journaling nutrition and workload

Now that we have come to the end of this short season we can look back and reflect on things we did well, things we should continue doing and things we need to work on. One way to keep track of this is by journaling and reflecting. The more data you have to reflect onContinue reading “Jr.High: journaling nutrition and workload”

US Soccer: Nutrition and Hydration

Hello Players and Family Members: I wanted to take a moment to share this resource from US Soccer to review the needs for an active footballer. Way back when I was playing high school soccer there was no interactive tool and the big school of though before a game was to carb-load. McDonald’s really wasn’tContinue reading “US Soccer: Nutrition and Hydration”

JR. High: Monday 20 Sept departure 2:10, early dismissal 1:55

We are at Grove City today. The field is behind the middle school. Please make sure to check the game post on team snap. It will include notes on uniform, departure time, snacks. . . . White uniform top, blue shorts, white socks. Bring your blue jersey also. Oranges, bananas, Gatorade will be ready andContinue reading “JR. High: Monday 20 Sept departure 2:10, early dismissal 1:55”

Jr.High: game day 17Sept21 Mt Pleasant.

Greetings ladies and parental units, Just making sure you’re staying hydrated as today will be another hot one! Just a note— on my notebooks I usually carry around—one tracks my workouts and nutrition. This is some thing I have been doing since college and was really key when I followed weight watchers to drop fromContinue reading “Jr.High: game day 17Sept21 Mt Pleasant.”