Jr.High: Some VAR review items

The irony of this post– I started this on Monday morning before coaching today’s game, where one my assignors could only find one referee for the 3rd time this season. I bust my bootay and miss dinner time with the wife from September through October for the Good of the Game. Moment’s like today makeContinue reading “Jr.High: Some VAR review items”

Las Porteras: Notes for the team CONCENTRATION

Here’s a little matching game for the entire team, select High, Medium or Low Concentration for the following moments of the game from the perspective of your goalkeepers: | Penalty Kick Own goal kick Ball in shooting zone First 10 minutes of each half Ball in possession of opponent in attacking half Free Kicks witchingContinue reading “Las Porteras: Notes for the team CONCENTRATION”

Las porteras: Notes for the team overview.

As Field Players what do you think your goalkeepers should be doing? Stop shots and crosses Support the defense Provide an overall tactical understanding of the game to guide the team Have a psychological makeup that leads the team. . .even when other players make mistakes. Provide the concentration level to ensure that the restContinue reading “Las porteras: Notes for the team overview.”

15July2021 las porteras

Building upon the footwork needed to: stop shots 3-5 yards off the line take the angle away from the shooter step up to clear through balls with our feet instead of making our defenders backtrack get back for a chip after taking the angle away 3-5 years off the line. Making our hands work withoutContinue reading “15July2021 las porteras”