Jr.High: Some VAR review items

The irony of this post– I started this on Monday morning before coaching today’s game, where one my assignors could only find one referee for the 3rd time this season. I bust my bootay and miss dinner time with the wife from September through October for the Good of the Game. Moment’s like today make me want to turn back all of my games for the rest of the season. If the system is this broken it’s time for a change. The kid’s are putting their best foot forward, the officials working the games are doing the best they can with the help they are given, so at some point we need to look at the system in place. It was bad back in 1993 when I played in the high school playoffs and nothing has changed here in Pennsylvania. Little did I know this topic would have a new significance after today’s contest. I guess I realize why I still do so many games each season, but realize working harder does not solve the systemic failure of the governing body. Yes we have referee head count issues, but the system of control and the organizational structure is the problem.

This morning after coffee and breakfast.

In case you ever wonder how quickly the game is processed at the highest levels this 10 minute video will help you understand a little better what the referee side looks like. It’s usually why I’m so calm on the sideline.

Now what if the PIAA took the same approach that WIAA WI is using by promoting sports officiating to the student body?

Students enrolled at WIAA member schools may apply to become WIAA Licensed Officials. 

An officials license is good from August 1 to July 31.  The renewal period for the next year starts May 1. 

If you will be a high school student for the current school year, you do not have to pay any licensing fees but you must license through your high school athletic director. The online form can be found here: Student Licensing (only accessible for Athletic Directors)

Once the application is received you will receive an email from the WIAA indicating that. 

High school students are not required to completed the background check. Your application will be processed immediately.

Guide for Officials

Rules books and exam/video information will be sent about 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the season.

Online rules exams and videos will be available on the WIAA website about 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the season. 

Individuals in high school may apply for licensing and officiate contests up to and including the 9th grade level. High school students, classified as Limited/Restricted (L/R), are allowed to officiate subvarsity contests in all sports except hockey as long as they are assigned with a fully licensed, non-high school official. High school age officials are also able to be assigned as lines people for varsity contests in soccer. Note: After 2 years experience as a L/R official there is opportunity for advancement to L2 upon high school graduation with verification

The WIAA does not assign officials to regular season contests; that is done by either the high school athletic director or the conference commissioner.  Contact your local high school athletic director to let them know you are licensed and ready for assignments.

Officials are independent contractors and not employees of the WIAA or its member schools.

Do you think any of our High School Athlete’s would step up to help out the game they love if this opportunity was offered?

Do you want to try your hand again at PRO?

Off to another night on the field until we have an evolution

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