JR.High: 10Sep2021 LH in Uniontown

Showing up is the start, discovery is the process, play is essential to life long learning. 
Bus reflection

Problem Statement: Can we play with only 10 players?

Armstrong Jr. High Girls Team 10-9-21 before boarding the bus to Uniontown.

According to the laws of the game we are fine playing with only 10 players, so yes we can play with only 10 players, we can play with only 8 players. Contractually speaking we as a school district made a commitment to Laurel Highlands, the game officials and the bus company to play this contest, so we must do everything in our ability to fulfill our contractual obligation.

Problem Statement: What if I need a water break or get tired since we have no subs?

  • Slow the game down
    • Stay compact
    • Sit back
    • Low pressure
    • Defend the box
    • Look to counter
    • Maximize corners
    • Look for set pieces
  • Slow the game down
    • Defenders and goalkeepers take you H2O bottles to the goal line, rehydrate on each goal kick.
    • Walk to get balls on throw-ins
    • Walk up to set up corners and set pieces.
    • GK slow down punts and throws.

What did we learn today? Did we learn something about ourselves? Our character? Our ability to adapt? Despite the long bus ride learning and fun did take place. The pizza at the end didn’t hurt either.

We all get to do this again on Monday at home! Rest up! Ice up!

Post game team pizza selfie!

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