Plum U8 30April2022 Picture Day

Key words of this week (focus on defense)
Get Compact
Stay compact
Protect the Goal

At this age I feel and US Soccer’s Player Development road map feel that being the goalie can be a little overwhelming, scary or just not fun for most kids.
If you want to play goalie, great, I will play you there, but I will also encourage you to step up and use your feet. I want my goalie to have fun with their foot work and develop foot skills now, when it’s important to lay a foundation for your development. If I give you the goalie pinnie and ask you to play goalie, it’s OK if you don’t want that responsibility. Pretend it’s a magic pinnie that lets you go wherever you want to on the field, support the play and help establish the defense and protecting the goal from wherever you want to be on the field. I’d rather my goalie have fun and learn foot skills instead of standing in front of the goal for part of the game. 

The important stuff!
Pictures are scheduled as a team for 10:30. 
Please be on time and gather with Team Dynamo by the PAVILLION. Look behind the concession stands and kick board.
Aiden’s mom Coach Sarah will be wrangling y’all up to get your team pictures and will have extra order envelopes: I believe you will need either cash or check to pay. 

Thank you to everybody who volunteered on the snacks and beverages. If you want to hang out at the pavillion after photos and talk soccer, school, favorite foods, favorite type of buttered noodle, pizza shop or whatever parents do feel free to hang out. 

I’d love to hang out but due to the referee shortage going on in the world right now, I’ve volunteered to help out our U10 girls at 10 and 11. I will set up a 3v3 field so the boys can just play and have fun before the game. If you’ve watched any of my practice you will note I’m all about just letting them play.I’ll see y’all on the game field at noon. 

Coach Dave

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