Creating a football culture?!?!

Where do we start? Do we all wear Gazelles with our Prom Dresses? Or do we have a standing date to play pick up futsal at the old tennis court in Kittanning with the boys after Sunday dinner? Is it possible we take turns playing pick up at either West Shamokin or Armstrong High School on the turf?

3v3 in the streets of West Kittanning with the little pop up nets?

Futsal in the gyms? Every gym at every school!

Soccer in gym class instead of volleyball or kickball?

Sharing a field with Redbank and West Shamokin? Maybe an Allegheny River Football Club instead of driving to Harmar, Russellton or Butler that sets a curriculum on the US Soccer Grassroots guidelines? Who says we can’t include Karns City and New Bethlehem?

How would you envision a soccer culture for your community?

Change the game!

Change the community!

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