Jr. High: Next level thinking

I found this article to be very simple and concise in explaining what was once called total football. There are a few clubs that have the skilled players to pull this off this form of soccer. This is truly the coaches dream scenario. While this may not apply to the game we play, it is always something that we can take notes from and adapt to our individual games.

I recall talking during the fall season about ways to take on defenders in our games:

The question of the week for my 7th and 8th grade players who are playing right now is: What are you doing to build your confidence on the field right now?

  • Are you using your dribble
  • Do you always look to pass first?
  • Pass with overlap and give and go passes?
  • Dribble wide or send balls into corners?
  • Switch the point of attack to find 2v1’s?
  • Are you using the full width of the field?

Feel free to share your stories by commenting below. I’m still in school for my national D and will be until the middle of June. I’m looking to build upon the play-practice-play that we used throughout the fall of 2021. This would be why we as a team never ran to run or focused on drills. We always played a game with a ball, players and a goal.

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