RxFit: Ford City past life?

Somebody who lived in Ford City a long time ago couldn’t remember what used to happen in the building? Here are a few hints. Instead of practicing firearms indoors there Ian is a focus on building fitness one human at a time, one box hop, burpee, goblet squat, kettlebell swing at a time. Ford CityContinue reading “RxFit: Ford City past life?”

What to do when 7v7 has the field?

What do you do on an air quality alert day? Do you know why our air quality issue happened? What version of soccer can be played on a smaller field? What does that game teach? Improvise was the theme on 20June2021. Community camp on the futbol pitch. Football Americano with a 7v7 on the gridContinue reading “What to do when 7v7 has the field?”

28 June Conditioning.

Coach in need of somebody to run with web page. This site is safer than Facebook. We can password protect posts as needed in case we start setting up set pieces here. Today’s run we learned that a 20/30 split on the trail really did pretty well compared to a 60/60 split. 20/30 is veryContinue reading “28 June Conditioning.”