abeR Fit – Highland Park 26July2021

Good morning- today’s workout was not in Ford City for coach Dave, instead Crosby and Phoebe were in charge of the morning sweat session. Today’s high temps and humidity meant the ladies needed the early morning workout. Phoebe and Crosby wanted to have a catchy name for their human training center so they came up with the abeR Fit name in tribute to the best big sister ever, Reba.

Reba in the sun.
  • 30 minute incline walk, sniff, and pee.
  • 20 minute ride with Emma Lovewell because Phoebe and Crosby extended the walk to45 minutes.
  • 2000 m row
  • Leg presses
  • Leg extension/ curls
  • Glute extension
  • Bosu crunches
  • DB pullovers
  • KB deadlift
  • Stretch with Jess King.

If you would like to share the workout rom RxFit Ford City leave a comment.

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