Make it Local, Make it fun.

Apologies for so few posts lately. My referee role has been switching from indoor (futsal and dasherboard) to outdoor mode. I’m also in my second week of coaching school and have been busy re-learning development goals based on age and cognitive ability. My local to East Brady project will be wrapping up for the spring next week and I’m happy to report we have now made the game fun for at least 13 little Gremlins. Yes they really are Gremlins. My next challenge will be to continue the fun in the summer with another 8 weeks of games and playing, hopefully on the community field.

Phoebe and I were walking around magic town and thought more about how to make it local to Charleroi. Yes, the boys and girls teams have both sent some players off to play in college and the high school program normally make it to playoffs every year, but the pick up game does not happen as almost every park in Charleroi Boro is a shadow of it’s past life.

I recalled US Soccer Foundation doing mini-pitches and I’m looking for grant writers and community leaders to jump on this:

In my recent travels I see the following places as ideal for a mini-pitch.

  • Ford City PPG Works
  • Kittanning behind the Catholic Church
  • Charleroi at the Columbus Hotel or Oakland Ave. Playground
  • East Brady Boro at the Old Stadium
  • Aspinwall Community Park, hockey area.
  • Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation -Destin Pool
  • Monongahela Mounds Park Tennis Court
  • Creighton Park by the new Pittsburgh Brewing Co. brewery
  • Larry Mills Park, Plum
  • Good News UM Church, Santa Rosa Beach
  • Pittsburgh Highland Park, just one tennis court.

Here’s the link if you’d like to get the ball rolling.

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