Plum U8: Grass Roots Football night with Crew 02Jun2022

Thursday Night Football presented by the Plum Youth Soccer Club,.

This is Grass Roots Football in Plum Boro, PA. Normally the lights are saved for the big kids but with all the 😜 crazy rain this spring season we were able to reschedule one of our make up games to a Thursday Night. Nature treated the Dynamo and Crew to a great sunset, a watered down pitch and really nice temperatures around 67 degrees resulting in anawesomee night for soccer.

Sometimes as a coach you need to sit back and capture the moment. Apologies for any duplicates as this was a photo dump from my camera. Since some of our players came from travel tryouts it was nice to see a few of them adding a new player action of changing the point of attack.

The non-goalie–goalie rule for Team Dynamo has effectively worked to teach our defender and goalkeeper to support the attack and keep our defensive formation compact by challenging for the ball at midfield instead of our own penalty area.

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