JR High: Defending 1v1 don’t dive in.

This one is a simple review of the one v one defending piece from today. I’ve had years of shuffling feet, squaring up shoulders and forcing forwards away from their dominant foot. I don’t expect you all to master your footwork overnight, but I hope you’ll take the challenge to make some time each practice to do a little 1v1 against a teammate who will challenge you.

Reminder on Thursday- Practice in the gym due to the cross country meet. 5:35 to 7pm. Flat soled shoes. . .

Don’t dive in.

This one is a 10 minute watch, but gives some more details regarding what we need withini our team setting from defenders. You will see the players shift and support each other.

Tonight 5:30 to 7pm. Please show up with flats and cleats. Depending on weather, field conditions and other factors out of our control we may have the outdoor field or we may need to stick to the gym.

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