JR.High: Pre-season Camp Day 1 Attacking Play Practice Play

Greetings and Thank You for getting your paperwork to Mr. Harvey our AD. The Uniforms from Coach Mike. Understanding my deconstructed coaching approach.

This is your game, I am here to help you learn how to enjoy it now and hopefully for life. To take charge of the game, build confidence in your abilities and trust in each other.

Tonight’s practice review:

Open Play Phase 1, Intentional Free Play:

2v2 and 3v3 on small fields with small goals. (No Goalies)

Pass, Dribble, Take Opponents on, Take Shots

Practice 4v4 and 5v5 on bigger field with big goals, add goalies.

How do we make offense happen on a small field? Pass, Dribble, Shoot, Confidence to take opponents on, Shoot, Pressure the defense, pass more, move the ball around, find support from behind, take on defenders, pass, shoot early, shoot often, cross.

2nd Play Phase 8v8 on field Penalty area to Penalty area full width.

Focus on attacking, focus on finding space, creating space, pass, dribble, take on opponents, shoot. Remember the Laws of the Game. Offside.

Tonight during the little game of Nets, I let out an individual goal for all of you. . .I’ll be checking at practice on Tuesday night to see who remembers that individual goal. . . . .

Please take a minute to start thinking of 3 team goals and 2 individual goals for this season. . . I’d like to compile them and review before we start with scrimmages next Wednesday. This will help me set my coaching priorities for you.

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