Confidence: Shielding

One theme of the BG Camp groups teaching building our attacking confidence focused on what we individually could do with the ball. The games played to simulate 1v1, 2v1, 3v2, etc. focused on individual moves to hold on to the ball in order to maintain possession, as well as find way to use our entire foot to move the ball to beat a defender. In some of the exercises you may have leared that just by winning the ball you may not need to make a move if you have another way to find time before going to goal. This will allow other teammates to join the attack for a square or overlap pass that will allow us to increase our possession or take a quality shot on goal.

Photo by Moiz Husein on

Here are two videos focused on shielding with the finer points of getting low to the ball and staying strong while moving the ball with the sole of your foot.

On the Jr. High side, we are only going to focus on the result and play a few games while we work to master what is happening in the drills noted above.

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