What is your move?

Get into the groove. . . do you have your own move? Does it help you beat defenders? Does it help you find the back of the net? Could you use it on the dance floor?

After realizing this week is all about modifications and fun–soccer kickball that led into trapping, that finished with a small field game–to create a safer environment with air quality issues, I was wondering what theme to apply to our next session.

Live Aid 1985 Philadelphia: Madonna Into the Groove

What do you do when you have the ball and only have ONE defender to beat?

What do you do when you have the ball and have TWO defenders to beat?

What do you do when you DON’T have the ball and have that/those same defender(s) to beat?

As part of our game play tonight we will focus on 1v1’s during run of play, in addition to smaller scope challenges.

Tonight is all about your move. . .

Post training notes:  
What are we missing?
Why are we not making our move?
What has our collective WPiaL experience done to our ability to make a move?

The common answer to all of the above questions came out during the evening exercises. There is a general lack of CONFIDENCE in making these moves because the collective game play experience said we normally can’t succeed at this…

Reinforcement message is we need to try this more at practice, we need to test out our moves since these are key to slowing the game down and possession. Thanks to all players who stepped out and put this out there this evening. We are here to coach you and work on the items you feel that we need to work on.
FYI this was my motivation for today’s planning.

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