Jr. High: Players Welcome, Athletes Needed.

Help Wanted: Ford City, Worthington, Kittanning. . . .Soon to be Jr. High students. . .

The girls soccer team is going to be starting their 2021 season officially on 8/16. We’ve been having meet-ups on the stadium field this summer and at RxFit Ford City whenever our team members could make it. . .

Meet New Friends before the school year starts.

Have fun learning the fundamentals of football, I mean soccer with other girls.

Be part of US Soccer’s One Nation, One Team misson, as we will be training using the play, practice, play program within the Jr. High game schedule.

Learn an activity that you can play for a lifetime.

Learn a game that will cross-train you for your favorite sport.

The Jr. High basketball season starts right after soccer season, so you can get in basketball shape by playing soccer games.

Point Guard, Power Forward, Right Wing, Defensewoman, Shortstop, Catcher, Pitcher, Setter. . . You name the sport we can find a role that will help with your development for your main sport.

You get to meet some of your classmates and start creating your Jr. High memories, before the school year starts.

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