JR. High: 2022 Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the team!

Thanks to all of you who came out this summer to kick around. Monday 8/15 is the first day of practice. Have you logged everything into Final Forms? We need to make sure all required school documents are checked in correctly.

Photo by Joshua Miranda on Pexels.com

Players are encouraged to wear indoor/training flats/turfs instead of cleated soccer shoes through most of camp to reduce the wear and tear on their legs with the bumpy grass surface of the lower soccer field for dry practices. You will want to carry your normal cleats in case the grass gets wet. Goalkeepers will be receiving specialized training during the sessions and are encouraged to wear proper protective gear for the conditions of the field.

According to NFHS and PIAA all players are required to play in NOCSAE approved shin guards with proper socks covering the guard. We will require this for training as well. We will be training using the same conditions that you will play under. Guard sleeves and ankle socks can be acceptable for training,.

Since this is my 2nd year as Jr. High coach I’m making an ask for parents and boosters to provide game day snacks for our ladies. I realized last year that lunch and game time were so far apart that our girls were starting games on empty nutritional tanks. Please bring your own water as well as a remember to hydrate throughout the day.

Drink early–before school, often–during the day, during training breaks and at the end of the training sessions.

Saturday‘s other than soccer fest on 9/17 are off days. On Soccer Fest we have a game to kick off the day at 0900. The High School Girls and Boys play after us.

August — – First day of school,training will begin after pictures. Most days training will be after school @ 2:50 PM finish by 4:00 at the High School soccer field. (Boys Jr. High games and cross country may make us adjust training times as needed.)

Once the school year begins training will be at the High School from 2:50 PM TO 4:00 PM.

Labor Day, – NO PRACTICE

All other practices will be noted on Team Snap.

Every day is a “TEACHING DAY”. Watching the players during the summer allowed me to see how they already approached the beautiful game. During those summer game and training sessions, I often took a moment to add in teaching moments during the run of play. I encourage all to come to training with an open mind and a willingness to learn my approach to the beautiful game, where I intend to let the game be the true teacher. I promote an open environment where everybody is ENCOURAGED to provide input.

  • Mark your availability on TeamSnap.
  • Be on time for training sessions, games, and bus departure times.
  • Show up with your proper equipment to play. Home jerseys, Away jerseys, practice jerseys, shinguards, shoes, socks and keeper gloves.



  • Yourself.
  • Your Teammates.
  • Your Coaches, Administrators and Trainers.
  • Your opponents and game officials.
  • Our Practice and game Times.


  • Our team goals.
  • Your part in reaching these team goals.
  • Your approach to learning.
  • Your approach to encouraging each other to be the best possible player.
  • Your approach to creative thinking on the field. This is your game to play.
  • Your opponents, if played correctly this can be a lifelong game.
  • Last, but most importantly- your coursework, soccer is just an extension of your overall educational experience here at Armstrong.
  • Anything you say or do at practice or games will be viewed as an extension of the classroom. Any red cards for violent conduct will be immediately referred to school administration.

Safe Space

  • Any team event is always a safe space. We never know what type of day our teammates are having with school, life, whatever so every time we gather our team is a safe space where we are there for each other, with no judgement and a virtual hand on each others back for support,
    • Our practice grounds, team huddles and game field.
    • Our locker room
    • Our bus
    • Our other events.


  • Family vacations and obligations may conflict with the start of the official season. If you have plans and will miss practice, please let us know and we will work something out. Missing mandatory practices, with permissiondoes not affect you joining the team. *
  • If you are absent for school you may not be allowed to practice/play on that same day.*
  • If something in life comes up where making practice will create an issue please contact your coaching staff. We are a team and may be able to assist.
  • Not knowing about a practice or schedule change??? —
    • All players and family members with smart phones or email should receive push updates from Team Snap.
    • If you need help getting to or from somewhere please reach out on Team Snap to see if you can find another teammate or parent that can assist.


  • Wearing game uniforms to school. It is not my rule. (boosters have provided warm-up t-shirts for school wear)
  • Any infraction of the Student Code of Conduct, may be grounds for dismissal from the team.
  • Social Media: Don’t tweet, like, post, share, group text, snap, tiktok. . . .any thing related to teammates, coaches, game officials, school administrators into the electronic world. Rember to be respectful.

Most of our communications to the players and parents will be through TeamSnap or fcarmstrong.blog. We will do our best to provide adequate notice for changing dates and times. It is imperative that we have an e-mail address that is checked regularly. Our second form of communication is directly to the girls, this is their game and their responsibility. We will do our best to send out blasts on TeamSnap to communicate important changes but there may be times where we will communicate changes to the team much earlier than we can get the email out.
There is a Soccer Parent Booster Organization that we encourage all parents to participate. We have passed on your contact information to them. They will contact you with information.

Team Rules: The players will get the team rules on the first day of practice if for some reason the emails containing them have been missed. These rules detail the requirements to be on the team. Both player and parent(s) are required to sign the acknowledgement that the rules will be followed.

Please pass on this information to anyone who may be interested in joining the team and have them contact Coach Dave, Coach Matt or Todd Harvey the Athletic Director.

Letter requirements:

N/A at the JR. High Level.

* Please let coach know the reason so we can review and make an official determination. There are life events, school events, family events and a few other items that may allow you to still play/train.

** Exceptions may be made due to injury or uncontrollable circumstances.

Coach Dave

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