JR.High: 26August Theme breaking out from goal kicks.

Warm-up: We’re in class all day so the dynamic warm up when you hit the field is now the standard start up before touching a ball. Sitting all day in school is not good for our soccer muscles.

Play 1: 4v4 and 5v5 in small grids.

NETS Use the small goals and break into small groups using your teams from warmup play for this game today. This should speed up the game

Practice item: The goalkick game using a 4-4-3 formation. For all of you EPL fans here is a quick read on what I was thinking after watching what we did without any instruction.

Play 2: 8v8 with emphasis on all restarts are goal kicks no matter where the ball went out of play.

Optional practice Friday if we can get at least 12 players. We have several players going out of town for a tournament, classic practice and travel practice that night, so I don’t want to over train any players, but if there is a want and a need for practice I can be flexible. . .

Saturday stretch will be remote and likely pre-recorded so you can Zoom in whenever this weekend, I have to referee in Plum at 0800. Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Step-parents are all invited to join in the fun. Soccer is a sport that you can all enjoy for a lifetime . . .

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