Jr. High: Reframing and self talk.

Hey there— just wanted to remind y’all that training is still on Tuesday nights at Lenape Technical School Gym-Ford City. These are really low key and a great way to kick around without freezing. To those that have been playing- great work and keep having fun.

On another note I’m trying to see who is interested in playing this spring as part of a travel team through the Y. This is open to all 6-7-8 graders looking for a team to play a Sunday games from April to June. Home games will probably be on the turf. Before you say it sounds like a lot please reach out to me as coach Greg and Colby are looking at ways to get anyone on the field who wants to play.

Along the topic of trying things:

Do you ever say I’m not good at doing this? Or doing that?

Maybe it’s I don’t dribble into defenders because I always lose the ball—or I hate throw ins because I can’t throw it that far. Please take a minute to rethink that thought! Here is a short listen about reframing our self talk.

While this topic may be about sports our self talk outside of sports really shapes our lives in the classroom and at home. Remember our conversation with ourselves shapes what we do everyday.


I was reminded of this the other day on a Peloton with Ashton Kutcher and Dr. David Agus because Dr. Agus shared some of his insights on life and death views of his patients.

Be kind in how we talk to ourselves.

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