Jr. High: giving to yourself.

Hey Team:

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I know I’m a little late but with family and football—life has been pretty awesome. I’m grateful for the opportunity to coach y’all this past fall.

We used to dress up for thanksgiving dinner.
Inspirare Coffeehouse in Kittanning

Regarding supporting the development of strong women I wanted to remind you that the US men’s team will be playing Iran tomorrow in Qatar. The game will start right as school is over. If you’d like to watch with other soccer fans Inspirare coffee is staying open for a watch party in Kittanning.

The game with Iran is an opportunity for us to learn about women’s rights in other countries. How the US Dept of State imposes sanctions that apply to countries that don’t follow human rights standards where all humans are equal. Along with a national constitution where government and religion are not separated.

In preparation for your soccer and academic future I wanted to share this little piece from Dr. Rob Gilbert from Montclair State University.


Personally I’m leaving you with the challenge to find 15 minutes every day to do something to better your game.

  • Juggle
  • Sprint 15 yds/walk 15
  • Play pick up
  • Jog walk 30 seconds in your neighborhood (if safe)
  • Plank, down dog, warrior, pigeon for flexibility
  • Play nets to power up your free kick
  • Play 1v1 against a sibling
We did get out to golf after our turkey.

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