Jr. High: vs Connellsville 22Sept22

What you need to know about our formation as explained in detail with each role!!!!!


In this formation, attack is the best form of defence and you need high energy players to make the best of it.

About our 9 – the target lady should be a big, physically imposing striker capable of holding the ball up and bringing others into play or defending the other teams central defender so they cannot do their job of winning the ball and building their attack.

Our 7 and 11- the wide forwards must work hard defensively to limit the opposition’s play out wide. Force their attack to our middle. In this formation, the wide forwards (if this is indeed how the team plays) must be fearless with their creativity and constantly attempting to create goal scoring opportunities for the central striker. They can do this by overloading the wing alongside the fullback and getting crosses into the box or by using the decoy outside to drive at the opposition’s defence. They can then either get a shot off or attempt to slip someone through behind the opposition’s central defenders. This requires that they’re good at dribbling and have a good shot on them.

based off of team snap availability

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