Jr. High: vs Deer Lakes Soccerfest 2022Sept17

We are the kickoff game for the Armstrong Riverhawks Girls and Boys soccer presents soccerfest 9/17/22 starting at 9am!!! Please remember to drink some water, juice and/or dairy/non-dairy when you awaken and eat breakfast before our early game. The good news is we don’t have a 7am bus time. See you at the stadium around 8:30 for warmups–>FIFA 11, 5v5 small sided (Bella P, Carlee, Zoey, Evva goalies).

The game plan is not going to change since it has been working and we are beginning to understand the importance of the keys to being the best team on the field on any given day. We will have a new 10 and 5 due to our injuries and family commitments. If you haven’t read the bullet points before here they are one more time. . .

  • First Five/Last Five Protect the Goal, get compact, stay compact. This will be the biggest field we play on to date.
  • Defend corners with all 11.
  • Have a hand on each others back and support each other as we are all stepping into new positions today.
  • Possess. Small balls wide. Alissa and Kylie can switch as the game presents better matchups. Use the width for building our attack. Avoid the middle. Keep the ball. Keep it on our wings.
  • Goal Kicks/Free Kicks look to do the quick tap and dribble with a teammate before the other team is in a defending position.
  • Bethany please share the secret to the 9 if you don’t know how to play the 9.
Carlee, Alissa and Mia have at it. . . .

9:00 a.m. AHS Jr. High Girls vs. Deer Lakes
10:30 a.m. AHS Varsity Girls vs. Deer Lakes
12:30 p.m. AHS Jr. High Boys vs. West Shamokin
2:00 p.m. AHS Varsity Boys vs. Leechburg
4:30 p.m. RGS YMCA Youth Travel Teams 

Defend corners with 11.

If you want to understand roles of the attack better. .this is a 9 minute view.

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