Jr. High: @ Plum Larry Mills Park 15 Sept 2022

  • First 5/Last 5. Communicate–Defend the narrow field. Protect the goal, Stay Compact, Don’t chase the ball.
  • Defend corners with all 11- See diagram below. Corners are great goal scoring chances. Defend defend defend. KEEPERS communicate.
  • Build our attack out wide with Big Balls on the right, Small balls through the 8 on the left today due to our lineup changes. Win the run of play. . .
    • Short quick touch, dribble free kicks if available. Anything from 25 and in let Lexi or Mills shoot.
    • Short touch dribble goal kicks with Lexi and Alissa.
  • Support each other in your new roles with a hand on each others back. It’s OK to make mistakes and learn. There is only winning and learning when we play the game.
  • Be the best team on the field today. Be willing to break the game down into 10 minutes segments to compete.
Sorry Evva, forgot to list you. . .
Defend corners with all 11

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