Jr. High: vs Penn Trafford 13SEP


  • Make our home field OUR Field! Use the mud line/touchline for attacking.
  • First 5 and Last 5 of each half–>Protect the goal, get compact, stay compact. This is a team that likes to find the back of the net, let’s keep them off early and late each half.
  • Defend corners with all 11. 3 on 6, 2 on 12, 3 on 18 plus posts. Goal side/ball side.
  • Don’t dribble. Play small balls wide, push the attack down the field wide.
  • Shoot and Serve from outside the 18.
  • quick tap then dribble goalkicks
  • quick tap then dribble restarts
  • I did ponder using a 4-4-2, but after long meditation, I believe that we do have the players to compete using the 4-3-3 on our home field. We just need to make sure that as we win the ball we start our attack using our wingers and wing backs and utilize the full width.


Defend all corners with all 11!
oops I missed somebody, sorry Zoey.

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