Jr. High: Experimenting and learning.

Everyday on the pitch is a learning day! How many of you knew we are scheduled to play Latrobe at home the last week of the season? I was so happy to see the participation in putting together our game plan for our last scrimmage. There were so many areas of learning in that one road game: after school nutrition and hydration, what it’s like to warmup after a full day of school, adapting to an elite level 9, trying out a different lineup where we as players chose to take on uncomfortable positions, getting back to being friends and having fun on the long bus ride home. Some players and coaches would focus on The excuses: 85 minute bus ride with limited airflow, 2nd day of school, 85 degree heat with sun beating down on the field, a top notch finisher, injuries. . . .

What did we learn?

Did we ever give up?

Did we do things well?

But we never quit, we kept on keeping on til the end of the game. Don’t quit- can’t fail was our mantra. Did anybody notice we are scheduled to see the same team the last week of the season?

On to this week, we will work on defending corner kicks.

In order to learn, I’ve put together a training session focusing on corner kicks, specifically defending corner kicks. We will use this training session on Monday.

This week we have two new games and two training days. We will get more game specific as the season moves on.

I’m still listening daily to Dr. Rob Gilbert on his podcast The Success Hotline:


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