JR. High: 2022 Week 1

Every day this week is scheduled from 5pm to 6:10 pm. If we can share the turf with the high school on Day 1 and Day 3 we may need to shift our time to 5:20 to 6:30. We have to get football off the field.

Tuesday 8/16

6:15 in person parent meeting also being presented on zoom. And being recorded if you need to view it on demand.

Please let me know if you are not able to flex with the times.

Please also let me know if you have plans for Ford City Kennywood Day and would like to see if we can practice at another time that day.

  • Day 1: Open Play 4 v 4
    • See where our whole team is for the first time.
  • Day 2: Play-Practice-Play Attacking: Building up in our own half- Goalkicks and GK throws.
    • Focus on high/low passing, combination play, and making defenders start our attack.
  • Day 3: Play-Practice-Play Attacking: Scoring Goals when we are in our opponents end.
    • Focus on getting the balls in the back of our opponents net. Using the proper surface of our foot and recalling what BG taught us.
  • Day 4: Play-Practice-Play Defending: In our own half.
    • Delay, Pressure, Deny, Support, Steal- How to defend, when to steal, footwork.

If you are coming into the season recovering from an illness or injury please let me know in advance. I would like to set up a non-contact recovery and conditioning program that you can work on during every practice with guidance. This non-contact program will take approximately 35 minutes, and will work around our practice design so you can join in with that days topic.

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