Jr. High: Lost buddy.

It has been found! It has been found!

Update from the Game Ball bag 26 minutes after the post was published.
Jr. High Girls Game Balls helping out the boys on senior night.
In case you wondered what game balls sounded like after a game, here was a plea for the missing one this morning. Since the original post the ball has been located and will be married up with them later today. 

Attention all One Nation, One Team of Armstrong Football:

The Jr. High Lady Riverhawks’ game ball bag is a little light this morning. Only two of the three game balls were returned to our game ball bag last night at the end of the Senior Night game against Freeport.

We are more than willing to do our part to help create a positive football culture here in the Armstrong SD, but we’d just like to make sure our kindness is appreciated and respected.

We will be having a kick around today after school in case that ball magically can roll back into the game ball bag.

Thank you,

The Two Lonely Game Balls

Be kind ReTurn!

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