Jr.High: Change the Game- Create a community of futbol.

The 8th graders were given a task to plan tomorrow’s training session. Why would a coach do that? Maybe to see if the students retain what they have learned? Maybe to see if they have some take home ideas to carry over their futbol training to an unofficial pick-up capacity once the season ends. One thing that strikes me in my journey around the ASD towns/townships/boroughs–>Missing spaces that are open and inviting to the beautiful game. Everywhere I look there are diamonds, batting cages, gridirons and tennis courts, but outside of the field at the school it’s really difficult to find training spaces.

This has also been a challenge on campus, in season since we only have one soccer field and have to share or settle sometimes for either a half field or a 35y x 25y mini/futsal pitch. I’ve been packing a full trunk to maintain goals no matter where we end up and the girls have learned that we will always play on some form of a field.

When I was a young lad, I would ride the bus home but stay on until I made it home to my stopper’s house. Yes, I played that long ago on an American football field that we had four D back in the sweeper-stopper formation. We would ge home and then head through the woods to an open field and knock around the old leather adidas Tango La Platte ball three times a week working on our long clearances and traps for an hour after school. Then on Fridays I’d match up with my two defenders and we’d play 1v1 with a keeper in the town park using a concession stand at the baseball field for the goal.

I guess my point is–>where will you train after the season? Who will you train with? ASD is very large.

Today Coach Mike, a PRO AR and Coach Dave made the game happen. . . What will you do to keep the game going?

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