JR. High: Monday 20 Sept departure 2:10, early dismissal 1:55

We are at Grove City today. The field is behind the middle school.

Please make sure to check the game post on team snap. It will include notes on uniform, departure time, snacks. . . .

White uniform top, blue shorts, white socks. Bring your blue jersey also. Oranges, bananas, Gatorade will be ready and chilled.

The girl’s soccer team has requested your presence at their home games this season. If you’d like to get a field side view of the action—>Ball people events are posted for varsity and JV games. If you are interested the girls teams would like your help.

We may be juggling practice space Tuesday and Thursday based on the Boy’s Jr. High Soccer game schedule and Varsity Cross Country meets. Apparently our field and the small grassy area behind our field is all part of the course. I will update team snap first whenever a change is made. These practices will be small sided practice using the portable goals in the area behind the game field.

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