Jr.High: game day 17Sept21 Mt Pleasant.

Greetings ladies and parental units,

Just making sure you’re staying hydrated as today will be another hot one! Just a note— on my notebooks I usually carry around—one tracks my workouts and nutrition. This is some thing I have been doing since college and was really key when I followed weight watchers to drop from 240 to 205 about 10 years ago before my second ACL reconstruction. I am still doing it to this day so I can reflect and be accountable to myself.

The Xs in the photo below are liters of water. You will note since I’m in full athlete mode—coaching and then officiating— yesterday I had walked, jogged, sprinted over 8 km yesterday from 4 PM until 9 PM. I also started my morning with a 2K being pulled by Crosby and Phoebe, PT on my shoulder/pec minor and a quick leg recovery activation in the gym.


Do your best to keep a routine even though your school life is virtual and be grateful that we can still hit the pitch together.

Always take a selfie at Nate’s Field. He was a great kid and an amazing 10.

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