Jr.High: 08Sept2021 INDOOR training B gym 2:30-3:56

Hello Team,

Team Snap isn’t loading . . .

This is alternate communication option 1.

Practice today in the B Gym. Futsal goals and balls are packed.

Indoors= Masks on unless we are either socially distanced by CDC guidance or actively participating in a strenuous activity. — I will be in mine the entire indoor practice. Remember- I have a several high risk people I support on a daily basis.

Parents, Guardians, Drivers, pick-up people and chauffeurs that will be door 3.

Please show up in flats and pinnies. Once you are ready start with the Neurodynamic Warmup.

  • Jog Forward
  • Side Shuffle
  • Low Plank
  • Single Leg Balance
  • Quick Jump and land in Jump squat.
  • Front and back – double leg hops
  • Double leg Heel Raise, up on toes
  • Side to Side double leg hops
Photo by Stanley Morales on Pexels.com

I somehow have 5 clean pinnies in my laundry room, I’ll bring them with me.

Tomorrow, please plan to arrive at 4pm. I’m wearing my referee hat for the boy’s game at 3:30 then my coach hat.

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