JR.High: 25Aug2021 Scrimmage @ Burrell HS

Bus Departure time from School on Wednesday is 3 PM. Please be ready to go by 2:50 PM if at all possible. There will be oranges, bananas and Gatorade for the trip down. Masks are required for transportation per CDC Guidelines and ASD policy.

I need some adult help on this next item, I had approximately 5 girls state they do not have the blue and white school provided “A”rmstrong pinnie in their uniform packets. Please confirm if you DO NOT HAVE this pinnie, it has printing on both sides with numbers. I had planned on using these for our two scrimmages. If we have missing pinnies I can recheck the uniform bin, but they should have been packed together as all the same numbers were packed as a unit.

Uniform- White Pinnie- Blue Game Shorts- White Socks it’s only a scrimmage. SHIN GUARDS. A place to store piercings, jewelry, watches. . .these are not allowed on the field according to NFHS, FIFA, PA West and just about any other soccer governing body. Coach Dave doesn’t have pockets in his shorts. . . so please remember to remove all jewelry and place it in your bag before stepping on the field.

Bring a Water Bottle. Remember to Hydrate throughout the school day. Bring that bottle with you for the game.

Change into the uniform at school before boarding the bus in front of the school.

The following game day items will need to be loaded onto the bus for away games:

  • Brine Balls
  • Pugg Goals
  • blue cones
  • Medical Kit
  • Empty Water Jug with Ice
  • Ice Bags/Cooler

Light snacks will be provided for the trip back to AHS.

It is preferred that all players return back to AHS on the team bus, however if you have any family plans, items where leaving from the field is a necessity please complete a departure from field slip and file with coach before departing for the game.

Please complete form below AND print or hand write a similar document to file with coach before departure from AHS

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