July 27 Training on Buffington

Hello All (Sr. High and Jr. High)– Just a reminder that training will only be tonight this week, RxFit is scheduled tomorrow from 8-9am in Ford City.

Coach Dave has to head to Rochester for a few days starting Thursday through Saturday.

Jr.High players– If you are free did you sign up for camp? If not why?

Jr. High players and parents– If you are on vacation also referred to me and my Canadian friends as Holiday- Enjoy your holiday, there will be plenty of soccer happening in the next 50 days when the season actually starts that you don’t need to even think soccer.

Jr. High players– If you are on the fence about playing or have friends who would like to join us but are afraid soccer isn’t for them, please let me know. I’ve talked to a few swimmers who are not sure how they could fit soccer into their schedule.

Jr. High players- If you could pick any number for your jersey what would it be?

All Sr. High and Jr. High– Are you signed up to follow these posts?

Would you like to use the post to help tell the story of :

  • your summer
  • your training
  • your soccer tournaments
  • your non-soccer events
  • biking the Armstrong to Erie trail
  • race wins on the dirt track
  • paddleboarding on the Allegheny
  • how you are feeling after RxFit

Content creators from the team and boosters are wanted. . . .reply to the message in the comments and add your

4 responses to “July 27 Training on Buffington”

  1. Alexis (Lexie) Adams – Won’t be attending camp because we will be on vacation. She has been #10 and #27 in the past. We noticed another player on the Jr. High team already has #10, so she would like to be #27 if possible.

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    1. Thanks, I’ve updated teamsnap with avail.


  2. Maysan Hodil would like #8 if available. If not, her back up number is #1.


  3. Tiffany Unger Avatar
    Tiffany Unger

    Kylie Unger will also be on vacation during the week of camp. She is hoping to have number 20.

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