Coach Dave’s Saturday Sessions:

I’m not obsessed with futsal, I just think it is a very good version of the game to teach to first time players. If you have a smooth surface, 2m x 3m goals and the low bounce balls it really takes some of the unpredictable parts of the game out of the learning process.

In my goal to spread this game to places that are not currently part of the one nation, one team in these United States, I’m trying to get the interest back up in the Karns City SD, by offering free training to their students at the Old East Brady High School Gymnasium.

If you are thinking of heading up to either participate or learn the first steps of coaching younger players, here are the details for July 23 and July 31.

  1. Sign the waiver if you are over 18, or have a parent/guardian complete.
  2. Head to East Brady.
    1. 502 Ferry St # 15, East Brady, PA 16028
    2. Once you come over the bridge into and make the 2nd Right onto Kelly Way in East Brady, you will make a left up the hill at the street just past The Old Bank Deli. The old school will be at the top of the hill.
  3. Start time 9 am! Bring water, and flat soled shoes.
  4. Plan to have fun.

Speaking of fun, I always think these quick free kicks add an element of fun to the game.

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