What to do when 7v7 has the field?

What do you do on an air quality alert day? Do you know why our air quality issue happened? What version of soccer can be played on a smaller field? What does that game teach?

Improvise was the theme on 20June2021. Community camp on the futbol pitch. Football Americano with a 7v7 on the grid lined plastic field. How about kickball with modified rules for soccer players?

  • Foul ball=Out
  • pitchers passed the ball to home plate
  • InFielders could either cleanly trap any kicks from the plate for a force out, or cleanly pass the ball to the pitcher in the mound area.
  • OutFielders could catch, head, volley, or trap any fly balls for an out.
  • Base runners must stay at their closest base when the pitcher gets the ball on the mound.
  • Oh yea the infielders learned of one other way to make an out.

Part two was a little technical exercising in trapping and receiving, followed by a game on a 20×30.

Some flat back, down dog and full leg stretch on the cool down.

Have you ever tried foam rolling for recovery?

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