Jr. High:Too much info?

Welcome to the world of Jr. High Soccer. 

I’m learning all the fun parts of administration items as I go this year, since I’m new to the Armstrong Central Family. 

There are a few things going on informally this summer so we can all get used to each other before the school year starts to keep the players moving. Here is what I’ve learned so far and hope it helps simplify things for all parents 

  • Armstrong Athletics uses Family Link- this will be for any official athletic department items, registration, medical, concussion testing forms/items.
    • Coach Matt will also relay official athletic dept and school required information. Physicals/Concussion testing. etc.
  • The girls soccer team and coaches use TeamSnap to share scheduling/game/fundraising attendance estimate type items. It is recommended that all player/parent install this app on your mobile device so you can be up to speed with any urgent/time sensitive changes.
    • You may see messages from the boosters here too. . regarding fundraisers, team building, spirit wear. . etc
  • I’m a tech fan and learned the high school girls team has a facebook/instagram set up for fun things. You can also get these posts as email messages. I like to share my coaching plans/team goals/take home training and have encouraged players to learn to publish the team story outside of wins and losses using a WordPress site fcarmstrong.blog 

That being said- the typical Jr. High and High School season cram a lot of games into a little time period. I recognize that this is not an ideal way to learn the game and understand that we have players with different levels of soccer experience. These summer sessions allow for player centric training to build the skills the players ask for and apply them to the game.

The boosters bring in a camp for all the high school and jr. high girls August 5-8. They will pay some of the costs for each player.

The first official practice is on August 16.

We will continue to have these summer sessions on Tuesday and Thursday until August. 6-8pm

RxFit in Ford City has offered a special drop in program for functional training on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 

You will see all of this information on TeamSnap in schedules. 

That is what I’ve learned so far and will try to keep this on all formats to make it easy to share in case you have other family members that need this same information. Anything I do in training, I’ll usually also share on fcarmstrong.blog so you can take the item home and learn on your own. 

I’m hoping this helps explain all the channels we are using to communicate and hope it isn’t overwhelming. 

I’m learning as I go, please be patient and don’t be afraid to send a question my way. If I think somebody might have a question that can help everyone else, I’ll share my response so we can all be on the same page.

Coach Dave

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