Goals? Goals! Goalllllla!

Just checking to see if you have started thinking of goals for the rest of the summer? It is OK if you haven’t. Summer is the time to get that much needed rest, relaxation, Vitamin Sea(River,Lake,Pool), Vitamin D and fun that didn’t fit into the school year.

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

Or maybe goals for yourself during this season?

How about an overall team goal?

After getting home from practice, I reflected on what we did and what we probably still should do over the summer, but reflected on that and paused. I really need to make sure I’m following goals that are set by the team.

The key to a successful season and a successful life is by understanding each individual goals and find ways to apply the individual growth to team goals.

2 responses to “Goals? Goals! Goalllllla!”

  1. Brenda Lee Beers Avatar
    Brenda Lee Beers

    Carlee Beers would like #4. Thanks

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    1. Thanks already in TeamSnap.


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