Storms stay away. 01July


Today is a perfect day! Since the turf should still be a little damp we should work on some technical things like: work on skipping, catching skips, skippy shots, one skip throws to teammates. So the theme is Skippy.

After practice notes:

Field player practiced crossing the ball from the corners and finihing. . .

Goalkeepers focused on crosses also.

Wet balls skip, Wet shots skip in crazy ways, Wet Crosses can be tricky. Catching a Wet cross can be difficult, so boxing needs to be a tool in your tool belt. Add the diving boxing practice to the warm up.

Reading a cross when struck- Keeper vs Away

Drop-Step footwork to go from shot position to covering a chip. Parry, Box or Catch.

Communication of distribution on wet days is key since throws can now skip farther than on a dry day.

At home: boxing/catching for keepers, sole of foot ball points with both feet.

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